Commercial HVAC, Air Conditioning & Heating in Salem, OR

commercial air conditioning

Commercial AC is an integral part of your building. It helps maintain the temperature and air quality within the facilities, helping you to effectively run your business and keep the atmosphere inside clean and comfortable. Like any mechanical system, however, your AC system will need expert oversight to stay functional and effective.

Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. is here to deliver the commercial cooling services in Salem, OR your AC system demands. From routine inspections and scheduled, general maintenance, to repairs and component replacements, we’re your local, go-to experts for any and all commercial AC services. We take pride in the level of workmanship we provide to each and every one of our customers.

Energy efficient performance

Did you know that routine commercial air conditioning repair in Salem, OR can save your business huge sums of money each year? It’s true! By improving the overall efficiency of your commercial AC system, you’ll reduce cycling, improve longevity and improve performance. All of these things put dollars back in your pocket, to help your business succeed.

Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. understands how important this is for businesses, which is why we deliver the routine and emergency services your AC system needs. We’ll eliminate those inefficiencies that are costing you money. Moreover, we’ll help extend the life of your system to give you the best value for your money.

A full scope of work

There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to your commercial air conditioning system. Need routine repairs and efficiency checks? No problem. Dealing with a breakdown that requires emergency repairs? We’re on the job. Give us a call!

Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. aims to be your partner for all things commercial AC. Give us a call today at 503-375-9251 to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your building’s most critical system.