Walk-In Freezer and Cooler Repair in Salem, OR

commercial refrigerators

Refrigeration is a core amenity for many commercial businesses. From grocery stores to restaurants, bakeries and beyond, being able to rely on your reach-in or walk-in cooler means being able to carry out your business effectively each and every day.

If you begin to notice temperatures fluctuating or have experienced spoilage as the result of an inconsistent cooler, let Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. help you get to the bottom of the problem and make the appropriate repairs. We have a depth of refrigeration experience that spans across a wide range of different commercial applications. Some of our specialties for commercial refrigerator repair in Salem, OR include:

  • Walk in and reach in coolers: From solenoid troubles to thermostat malfunctions and new installations, we deduce the problems behind your refrigeration failure, to provide you with restorative repairs. We’ll assess the full scope of your refrigeration issues to make sure we’re resolving any problems affecting performance, while also preventing issues from arising again in the future.
  • Ice machines: If not properly maintained or repaired, ice machines can cause owners plenty of trouble. If you own a restaurant or other commercial establishment that relies heavily on an ice machine, count on us to provide a full scope of services. We’ll keep your ice machine working at its fullest capacity. We also have installation services available for new equipment.
  • Large refrigerators: Your commercial refrigerator in Salem, OR requires expert oversight from a trained professional when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. is here to deliver workmanship you can count on. We’ll take care of that faulty compressor or solve any electrical issues that might be plaguing your unit.

Don’t let your business suffer because of commercial refrigeration troubles. Instead, give us a call today at 503-375-9251 to set them right! We’re available for a full scope of refrigeration work and are pleased to provide you with contract and non-contract repairs and maintenance as demanded by your equipment.