Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment Repair in Salem, OR

commercial kitchen

Numerous businesses rely on commercial equipment to help them operate on a day-to-day basis. Restaurants, grocery stores, butchers and more all depend on stoves, coolers, exhaust fans and numerous other amenities. These items need to be maintained and repaired to the fullest for business to continue to operate smoothly.

Randal’s Equipment Repair Inc. is here to be your foremost authority on commercial and cooking equipment repairs. Our experience with a full range of appliances and amenities means you can have complete peace of mind when choosing us for service or repairs. Some of our more frequent calls involve:

  • Stoves: From the gas line to the pilot light, burner controls to thermostats, we service everything involved in the operation of your stove, to ensure it’s always in top working order.
  • Deep fryers: If your deep fryer is on the fritz, trust us to restore its function. We’ll make sure it’s in full operational capacity and safe for use by your employees.
  • Exhaust fans: Without exhaust fans, your kitchen is liable to become polluted with inferior air quality—and potentially smoke or chemicals. We repair exhaust fans to ensure these contaminants are pulled out of the air and safely ejected from your facilities.

While we remain a first choice for commercial AC and cooler repair in Salem, OR, don’t forget we’re also experienced in servicing your commercial cooking equipment as well! If any of your appliances or amenities are showing signs of malfunction or simply aren’t working correctly, give us a call today to set them right again. We can be reached at 503-375-9251 to schedule an appointment today!